What do you see when you visualize your dream home? I ask you this, as it’s important that we see the same dream. I realize that the very best way to assist my real estate buyers to locate precisely the right home is to put myself into my buyer clients’ shoes.

It takes more than a trained real estate agent to understand the needs and concerns of buyer clients. It takes someone who has been there, someone who has the same concerns when they’re home shopping.

I don’t want to minimize the technical aspects of the home buying process though. Every year it becomes more complex. Between government legislation, environmental laws, mortgage documentation requirements and the legal aspects of a home purchase, the home buyer must be on top of all aspects of the process, or be helped by a professional.

I’m here to assist buyers in the Northern Virginia real estate market, and I am really good at my job. There’s plenty to do:

  • Search Assistance
  • Automated Search Reports
  • Finance Assistance
  • Price Negotiations
  • Inspections & Repair Negotiations
  • Contract to Closing

Buyers in the Northern Virginia real estate market are frequently referred to me by previous highly satisfied clients. Call me at (703) 340-0358, or email me to get started in working for you.

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